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Fine Art Printing on metal

Metal prints represent a new high-definition print medium for preserving digital images. By infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum plates we get prints with exceptional luminosity and depth. Aluminium prints areย lightweight, durable, water resistant and very long lasting. They are made from recycled material and 100% recyclable. Weย prefer to use the best metal plates money can buy made by ChromaLuxeยฎ (USA).

Metal prints are the perfect medium for displaying artwork and photography in a variety of applications from residential to commercial usage. The exceptional detail and colour resolution combined deliver an amazing 3D depth of the image that will blow your socks off ! ๐Ÿงฆ

Our services areย best for:

โœ“ย Printing photos of your precious memories

โœ“ Printing photos of your favourite pets

โœ“ Creatingย unique presents for your friends and family (everybody likes custom made things, especiallyย the high quality ones)

โœ“ Decorating your home (our prints stand apart from the traditional prints) or office (very easy to clean)

โœ“ Printingย your arts FOR SALE (turn your fans into paying customers and make some ๐Ÿ’ฐ)

What's so special about metal prints?

โœ“ Metal prints look amazing ๐Ÿคฉย 

โœ“ Metal prints will last a life time (colours on our prints remain true for 65+ years)

โœ“ Metal prints can resist Hong Kong humidity (average humidityย of 83%) ๐Ÿ˜…

โœ“ Metal prints don't require frames and any special treatment

โœ“ Attract good Feng Shui ๐Ÿ˜‹


Ordering from internet can feel impersonal and make some people uncomfortable. Being an old fashioned person myself I prefer to talk to our customers. Please, do not hesitate to contact me (click on WhatsApp or "Chat with us!" orange button in the right corner) if you have any questions.

HD glossy metal print
HD glossy metal print
HD glossy metal print

HD glossy metal print

Sale price HKD 106 Regular price HKD 130


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HD matte metal print

HD matte metal print

Sale price HKD 106 Regular price HKD 130


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Display options

metal print strips

Damage-free strips

easel metal print


shadow mount metal print

Shadow mount

aluminium frame backing metal print

Aluminium frame backing

Dye-sublimation onto aluminum (metal)

Sublimation onto aluminum (also know as metal print) is a process of infusing dyes into a sheet of pre-treated aluminum via heat transfer. Sublimation is the process of going from a solid to a gas, back to a solid - skipping the liquid state. Once the dyes submerge underneath the surface, the process is complete and the result is permanent.

That's how the magic happens

The image is first printed onto a transfer paper using an inkjet technology. Then, the paper is adhered to a sheet of pre-treated aluminum. Finally it is put into a heat press. While being subjected to extreme heat and pressure, the dyes from the transfer paper turn into a gas, are pressed into the surface of the metal, and then solidify into the treated aluminum. This is where the sublimation heat transfer occurs. Once out of the press, the aluminum cools and the process is complete. There is no additional coatings or laminate applied after. As the dyes cool they are permanently infused beneath the surface of the metal substrate.

Why print on metal?

  • Moisture resistant - Hong Kong humidity will not kill your metal print. Metal prints are waterproof, they will not rust, and they can be placed in areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and outdoor spaces where other prints will not hold up.
  • Color brilliance - images are infused directly into specialty coated metal sheets, creating unsurpassed color vibrancy and resolution.
  • Fade resistant - the latest fade testing shows that our prints will last a lifetime with resistance to yellowing and climate damage. ChromaLuxeยฎ panels are proven to last over 65 years.
  • Scratch resistant - dyes are infused beneath the exterior coating through sublimation. This makes it more durable than traditional paper and canvas imaging because it canโ€™t be scratched or peeled off the surface.
  • Modern finish - no need for a frame. It will not only save your money, but give your print a modern industrial look.
  • No glass - after the heat transfer process, the artwork is completed. No additional UV acrylic or glass is needed to protect the artwork.
  • Easy to clean - our metal prints can be wiped clean with a cloth and any all-purpose cleaner, allowing your image to shine hassle free. That makes them perfect for public spaces and other high traffic areas.
  • Light weight - though extremely rigid and durable, the aluminium is a light weight metal. A 20" x 30" (50.8 cm x 76.2 cm) print weighs approximately 7.7 lbs (3.5 kg). Metal thickness is .04" (1.14 mm)
  • Large format - the largest size we can make is 32" x 48" (81.28 cm x 121.92 cm). Multiple panels can be joined together to create larger installations.
  • Fire retardant - sublimated aluminum holds up against high heat. Necessary for artwork hung in specific corporate and public environments which meet todayโ€™s fire-rated standards.
  • Eco-friendly - made with recycled material and 100% recyclable โ™ป๏ธ

What you need to understand before placing your order

  • โš ๏ธย ย  By placing an order you state that you own the copyright to the image you upload or you have been granted authorization to print it.
  • โš ๏ธย ย  You need to make all the changes and necessary adjustments before you place an order.
  • โš ๏ธย ย  We do not provide design services. We can give you an advice and even help to fix some minor problems with your image, but that's not what we normally do. We do sublimation (printing) on metal.
  • โš ๏ธย ย  Imperfections in the aluminium surface may be visible through the image.
  • โš ๏ธย ย  There can be some variations in the colour from your image (the way you see it on your screen) to the final print, due to the nature of dye sublimation process.
  • โš ๏ธย ย  We do not reprint jobs because of these variations and imperfections.
  • โš ๏ธย ย  If you have never had a Metal Print done by Print Shifu and you have concerns, we would recommend you to order a small sample print first.

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