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About Print Shifu

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Introducing Print Shifu: The Destination for Stunning Metal Prints in Hong Kong

Print Shifu - the leading provider of high-definition metal prints in Hong Kong, is excited to announce its exceptional range of services for photography enthusiasts and art lovers. With a commitment to quality, durability, and creativity, Print Shifu offers a unique experience for preserving and showcasing digital images.

Metal prints have revolutionized the world of print mediums, offering exceptional luminosity and depth that cannot be achieved with traditional paper or canvas prints. Being lightweight, durable, water-resistant, and long-lasting, metal prints represent a cutting-edge solution for displaying stunning visuals.

At Print Shifu, we go beyond ordinary metal prints and strive to create extraordinary pieces of art. We exclusively use the finest metal high-definition photo panels for dye-sublimation, manufactured by ChromaLuxe®. This unrivaled combination of top-quality materials and advanced printing technology results in breathtaking displays that captivate viewers.

"We understand that ordering from the internet can sometimes feel impersonal, which is why we prioritize direct communication with our customers," said Vitaly, the SHIFU at Print Shifu. "We are always available to address any questions or concerns and provide personalized assistance during the ordering process."

Before placing an order, customers are encouraged to understand a few essential points. Print Shifu is committed to providing the most competitive prices possible and cannot offer additional discounts. While they do not provide design services, their team is more than willing to offer advice and assistance with minor image adjustments. By placing an order, customers confirm that they have the copyright or authorized permission to print their uploaded images.

Print Shifu takes pride in delivering exceptional results, but customers should note that imperfections in the aluminum surface may be visible through the image. Additionally, slight variations in color may occur due to the nature of the dye sublimation process. However, Print Shifu does not offer reprints for these variations and imperfections.

For customers who have never experienced a metal print from Print Shifu and have concerns, the company recommends ordering a small sample print first. This allows them to witness the high quality and attention to detail that sets Print Shifu apart from the competition.