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Frequently Asked Questions

How to place an order?

➊ Decide if you want Glossy or Matte
➋ Choose Size
➌ Choose Display option
➍ Change Quantity if you want more than one copy
➎ Check if you entered everything correctly
➏ Upload your image ("Choose image" button)
➐ Press "ADD TO CART" button
➑ Enjoy!

How long will it take to fulfil my order?

It usually takes 3-4 business days.

What kind of metal do you use? Glossy or matte?

We are using only the best aluminum plates produced by ChromaLuxe® in USA. We offer two kinds of surfaces: glossy and matte. Both options are .04" (1.14 mm) thick. Glossy is the most popular because the shiny surface enhances the image making it look more sharp and vivid, but if you don't want your print to be reflective, you should try matte.

Can you make a custom size print for me?

Unfortunately, we do not have a proper equipment to cut metal plates in Hong Kong yet 😬

Drop shipping? International delivery?

Drop shipping is available! We can ship your print to your customer with no invoice or with custom invoicing upon request. We ship worldwide. Please, tell us the desired destination and we will try to find the best shipping option for you. You may need to pay some duties or other customs fees depending on your country of residence.

Do you accept returns?

All the prints are custom made, so we don't. Sorry la 🥺

What resolution should my files have?

For the best result possible we recommend you to upload a 180 PPI (DPI) images. But! It doesn't mean that we can not use images with lower resolution.

What is the best color space to use?

We recommend you to use sRGB or Adobe RGB.

What is the best file format to use?

We will accept most of the formats, but we recommend you to save your files in JPG or TIFF.